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Conservatories come in a range of styles, colours and glass or polycarbonate roof options or maybe you are thinking of the relatively new Warm Tiled Roof Sytems, we can help you with the important decisions.

Edwardian, Victorian, P shape or modern contemporary look, at RKG Conservatories we can survey your property to help with that choice.

At RKG Conservatories, we can advise on the range of options and styles to find something that fits perfectly for your home.

Where possible we opt for the Eurocell roof products, we find these to be a reliable system although we work with our customers to identify the best products for their project.


An alternative to conservatories, an orangery gives the feeling of an extension but using the lantern roof system brings light and the feeling of a garden room that you would get with a conservatory.

This shape and style is the most commonly seen conservatory, with its square shaped appearance and evenly pitched roof.

A more rounded shape of conservatory can be seen with the Victorian style option.

P Shaped conservatories can be ideal for those wanting a larger space. They bring all the benefits of smaller conservatories but have that extra space that can stretch across our entire patio.

T shaped may be an option for you. All of our conservatories are bespoke designed to fit your property. So the options can be endless.

These systems bring in the natural light but offer the feeling of a more solid and permanent extension to your home. A very popular option and fantastic finishes offer a beautiful improvement to your property.

Conservatory roofs come in varying forms, from self cleaning active blue glass that reflects the heat in summer but retains warmth in winter, to polycarbonate panels or even the new warm tiled roof options that can be seen on our other page.